Thursday, April 30, 2009

End Of April yg sedeyy....

Assalamualaikum pada seme yg sudi lawat blog anie neh... :-)

Kebelakangan + tak sihat....ari ni lagi worse..tak cukup tido malam tadi terus selsema sepanjang ari.... :-(. Mood tarak nak wat ape2...kapla weng oooo.... plus ngan perasan rindukan BIMBIM...nape ek :p. ade dengar berita kena naik HQ/Shah Alam for training...yihaaaaaaaaa...lehhhh la..gader2 nanti yek..kengkawan ku cayunk....)

Sambung balik cite diet.... :-)
Ntah nape....healthy life still no.1 for me menscan docs tuk monday nanti..sesambil cari info workout masa period ...tapi ini pulak yg menarik perhatian....just tuk pengetahuan ...sape2 yg rasa diet tuh TIDAK MAKAN memang SALAH hokay !!!!!!

Actually one of my laling2 kat BFT - Honey dah bagitau supaya we ols ..shuld makan every 2 or 3 hours . Memang working...but makan yg rendah kalori la..bukan sekali makan kalori >200 kalori!!! mak oiii hehhehehe... K la...nih sambil2 type...dah bersin2..berat ishkkkk....

Selamat membaca uols.... Muahhhhh (oops...dari kejauhan jek...dekat2 kang jangkit huhuhuh)

Link :

Eating 5 Times a Day

Women always think that they have to stop to eat in order to burn fat. It is absolutely untruth. You must practice eating 5 times a day in order to lose weight – it is a must.
How works eating 5 times a day?

First: you speed up your metabolism.

Why? Because when you eat you give job to your stomach, and this prevent your intestines to become lazy.

Second: when you eat regularly you body doesn’t feel any need to store “food” in secret places (abs, buttocks and hips) for future usage – your body burns everything and even more!

Third: when you eat small 5 portions a day you never experience stomach bloating and you always have flat abs.

Rules for eating 5 times a day

- Eat every 2 or 3 hours. Never stay 6 hours without eating and after that to eat 2 times every 30 minutes. Try to divide day in 5 equal time intervals. For example eating every 2 hours – 8.00; 10.00; 12.00; 15.00; 17.00. Or eating every 3 hours (I prefer this one) – 8.00; 11.00; 13.00; 16.00; 19.00.

- First week make check list and write every time you eat. Prepare your next day 5 menus in advance. For example go to bed with pen and notebook and try to think of your next day meals. Imagine how to prepare every meal, or where to buy ingredients or ready meals. Now I do this without need to write anything because making meals’ schedule is subconscious activity for me. Gradually you will become expert in meal planning and in some months you will find yourself explaining eating 5 times a day to your colleagues and friends.

- There are many theories about combining foods. I will tell you 2 most famous. I practice to eat 1 protein or 1 carb in every meal. For example at 13.00 I eat grilled fish and salad and at 15.00 I eat sweat yoghurt. The other theory is that your every meal must contain 1 protein and 1 food. I think that both theories are right because there is no food containing only protein or only carb. Organic food normally consists from combination of protein, carb and fat. Nevertheless the main idea is not to eat mixture of food but to eat one type of food per meal.

- Drink water. This will make to go to toilet often and you will throw away your body’s “garbage”.

- Workout 3-5 times per week. You will ask what is doing workout with eating? They are friends and always walk together. I will not make you believe that long workouts are better than short, because everybody knows this. But I want to insist to workout regularly and to try to make it entertaining. Learn how to do fun workout.


  1. hai kak anie......

    ira tinggal kan jejak kat sini eh
    meh la jengok blog ira plak

    miss ya.....

  2. anie...bila nak datang shah alam?? mana tau boleh jumpa hik hik...

  3. salam kenal kak anie. knp blog ni xda chat box? tp good blog. ada byk info mcm blog sis eynda, sis bim, sis bha dsb nya

  4. Salam Seme n thanx sudi jenguk blog ku yg dah nak bersawang neh ...hehhehe, To:

    Ira....wokkey kak anie jenguk2 nanti yek, Insyaallah..
    Eynda.... yeah...tapi dengar2 bulan 7 nanti..opis memang kat shah alam...tapi anie tak tau la...mana tempat leh jumpa hahahha..nanti sampai sana anie msg eynda ek..tapi i dun have ur phone
    Dewi...akak dah letak..pehtu ade error...sabar jekla....abih camno.. :-(
    soon IT dah nak block pulek,. FB la..abih la...akak nanti buhsan giler... :-(